Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive here at Landscape Supplies Online.
Q/ What is the delivery rate?
You can check the delivery rate from here.

Q/ What days and times do you deliver?

A/ We deliver Monday - Saturday from 7am. You can request a time for your delivery based on the following time brackets 7-9am, 9-12pm, 12-4pm or simply morning or afternoon. We will try our best to cater to your needs but exact delivery times cannot be guaranteed. Contact for more specific information.
Q/ How do I request delivery?
A/ When placing your order in the checkout phase there is a comments section to enter your requested time and day, also any specific instructions for delivery. If no request is made we will make delivery at our earliest available position based on your location.

Q/ Do you deliver into our property?
A/ Our driver will deliver into your property as far as possible provided that the driveway is safe and there are no trees or power lines in the way. These are at the drivers discretion. Someone will need to be present at the time of delivery to allow our drivers onto your property otherwise deliveries will be left on the nature strip. All care will be taken while on your property but no responsibility will be taken for damage done whilst there.

Q/ Do you move the soil and other bulk products around the back of the house?

A/ No. At the point in time we do not offer a service such as this. Our service is a delivery only service, we do not spread mulch, lay turf etc. If you require these services please contact us and we can provide you with a reputable contractor in your area.

Q/ Am I able to pick up my order?
A/ Provided that you have a vehicle that can hold the ordered amount pick up can be arranged. Please contact us to find out more.

Q/ Can you tip from the side of the truck?

A/ All of our truck have rear tipping only

Some handy tips to make life easy:

- Volume is calculated by Length x Depth x Width 

- There 1 cubic metre = 1000 Litres
- 1 cubic metre of product covers 10 square metres to 100mm thick
- 1 cubic metre of garden mix = approximately 1.2 tonnes
- 1 cubic metre of mulch = approximately 300kg

and don't forget, all our bulk supplies have a handy calculator to help you estimate how much product you will need.