• Samba BBQ Heavy Duty Wipes 12P

    Samba BBQ Heavy Duty Wipes 12P

    SAMBA Heavy Duty Wipes are an easy, effective and convenient way to clean any greasy or dirty surface. The tough cleaning nodules help to loosen and push through dirt while strong durable cloth traps...

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  • Samba BBQ Spray Gel 500ml

    Samba BBQ Spray Gel 500ml

    SAMBA BBQ cleaning gel is a unique formula with a special active gel that sticks perfectly to the surface so it can do its job. It removes grease and grime from stainless steel, enamel and steel...

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  • Samba Butane Light Gas Refil 3

    Samba Butane Light Gas Refil 3

    SAMBA Butane lighter gas is the convenient way to refill your gas lighters. This premium quality gas has been ultra-refined for maximum care and performance to ensure premium quality. Multiple heads,...

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  • Samba Firelighter 36 Pack

    Samba Firelighter 36 Pack

    SAMBA Firelighters have been specially formulated to give you a quick and easy start to your fire and are ideally suited for barbecues, coal fires, wood fires, incinerators and camp fires. They are...

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  • Samba Gas Lighter - Premium

    Samba Gas Lighter - Premium

    SAMBA's Premium Gas Lighter is long lasting, safe, easy to use and have a child resistant lock. A window lets you see how much gas is left and they also feature a flame adjusting lever that lets you...

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  • Samba Hickory Smoking Chips 75

    Samba Hickory Smoking Chips 75

    SAMBA Hickory Smoking Chips will add a delicious smokey flavour to any meal. Hickory Smoking Chips are suitable to use on charcoal, gas or electric barbecues. The large economical 750g bag will...

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