We have a soil type to suit all situations. Give your new plants everything they need for healthy growth or rejuvinate your existing soil.

  • 80/20 Turf Underlay

    80/20 Turf Underlay

    A sand & soil blend (80/20) suitable for establishing new turf. Underlay should be applied at least 50mm thick to ensure turf has a good volume of soil for roots to grow into. Ideal when existing soil is poor quality. Underlay should be levelled off...

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  • Botany Humus

    Botany Humus

    This humus product is ideal for conditioning nutrient-depleted soils. It is an enriching blend containing composted pine bark, spent coffee grounds and composted organics and manure. Design as an overall soil Designed as an overall soil rejuvenator that...

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  • Native Garden Mix

    Native Garden Mix

    A blend specifically prepared for phosphorus sensitive plants. This mixture contains organic compost, soil, sand, coal fine and iron sulphate, giving it a balanced nutrient content. Designed to be a freer draining mix but still have good water holding...

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  • Planter Box Mix

    Planter Box Mix

    Planter Box Mix is a suitable potting soil for plants. It retains moisture, prevents plant diseases & aids root development.Planter Box Mix is especially useful for retaining moisture. It also helps prevent plant disease, speeding up root development...

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  • Premium Garden Mix

    Premium Garden Mix

    A high-quality blend with a neutral pH, it is suitable for a broad range of garden applications, so be assured your plants will thrive in this mix. This premium garden mix is blended to the requirements of AS 4419 - 2003 as an organic soil blend...

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  • Premium Organic Lawn Top Dress

    Premium Organic Lawn Top Dress

    A fine balanced blend of soil, sand, organic material and poultry manure. This soil is a finer blend and balanced to give a nutrient enriched top dress that when used correctly will not burn your lawn. Blends to fulfill most of the criteria of AS 4419 -...

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  • Veggie Garden Mix

    Veggie Garden Mix

    Veggie mix is the perfect growing medium for any new veggie patch or the rejuvenate an existing one. This mix consists of 2 parts Premium Garden Mix to one part Botany Humus to give all you veggie everything they need to produce the highest yield...

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