• Anti Bird Net 4m X 12m

    Anti Bird Net 4m X 12m

    Anti-Bird netting keeps birds out but lets pollinating insects and valuable sunlight in to help your get the most from your fruit trees and vegetable gardens. Will protect against loss and damage so...

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  • Beat A Bug Poss Off RTU

    Beat A Bug Poss Off RTU

    Richgro Beat-A-Bug POSS-OFF contains a naturally derived bitter tasting possum deterrent. It protects and feeds your plants and does not harm the possums. Benefits: - Natural - Won't harm...

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  • Concrete Mix 20Kg

    Concrete Mix 20Kg

    A blend of cement, aggregate and sand, designed for use in projects where a quality concrete is required. Ideal for garden edges, mower strips, paths, garden slabs, foundations, footings, posts and...

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  • Copper Oxychloride

    Copper Oxychloride

    Searles Copper Oxychloride is an effective broad-spectrum protectant fungicide with low risk of resistance development, due to the copper mechanisms of multiple action. Copper is actively...

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  • Dipel Hg Bio Insecticide

    Dipel Hg Bio Insecticide

    Yates Nature’s Way Caterpillar Killer is based on?Bacillus thuringiensis?var.?kurstaki, which is an insecticide derived from beneficial bacteria found in soil, on plant surfaces and also in...

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  • Gap Sand 20kg

    Gap Sand 20kg

    Gap Sand is a special blend of graded fine sand and sand additives designed to lock into place all types of brick and block paving. Quick & easy to use. Forms a workable yet stable joint between...

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  • Hills Heavy Duty Sprayer

    Hills Heavy Duty Sprayer

    The Hills Heavy Duty pressure sprayers come in a range of sizes perfect for tackling all your jobs around the home, garden or workplace. The high-performance Viton seals make them ideal for chemical...

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  • Hills Sprayer Pressure

    Hills Sprayer Pressure

    The Hills pressure sprayers come in a range of sizes perfect for tackling all your jobs around the home and garden. Ideal for insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, general cleaning or any spraying...

    $9.95 - $49.95
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