Link Edge

Link Edge is Australia’s Best and Most Reliable Aluminium Gardening Edge. Link Edge’s unique patent and design registered design is the superior aluminium edging solution.

Link Edge is the only landscape edging you should choose. Professional landscapers, designers, architects, construction companies and DIY-enthusiasts choose Link Edge over other landscape edging, for its superior flexibility, high-strength, longevity, most-competitive price, and dependable customer service from a renowned, Australian and family-owned manufacturing company.

If you are looking for the perfect professional-finish, choose the only reliable aluminium edge for lawn, garden, paving, greenroofs & bitumen.

Link Edge, the Original Australian Aluminium Landscape Edging.

  • Link Edge 3m Link Edge 3m

    Link Edge 3m

    All Link Edge lengths are 3m long The Link Edge Original range is ideal for use in gardens, tree surrounds, garden beds, permeable paving, rubber aggregate, water tank surrounds, paved areas and feature landscape areas to name a few.How to select...

    $34.95 - $47.95
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  • Link Edge Corner

    Link Edge Corner

    The corner connecting bracket allows 2 lengths of Link Edge to be joined seamlessly at right angles (can also be bent to other angles as required), and giving extra stability at a potentially weakened point of the edge.

    $2.25 - $2.75
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  • Link Edge Fish Plate Connector Link Edge Fish Plate Connector

    Link Edge Fish Plate Connector

    Fishplate connectors are used to connect lengths of Link Edge. They slide into specially designed slots in the aluminium edging and snap the lengths together to create a smooth, uninterrupted edge.Available in 40-50mm & 75-100mm

    $1.00 - $1.50
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  • Link Edge Spike

    Link Edge Spike

    Edge Spikes are used to securely fix the Link Edge into the ground/surface/base by hammering through the holes located on the bottom base of the Link Edge. Link Edge has developed the strongest and most secure spikes that have been design-engineered to...

    $2.00 - $2.45
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  • Link Edge Spike Guide

    Link Edge Spike Guide

    Always install Spike Guides with the Edge Spike hole towards the bottom of the Spike Guide. Spike guides provide extra vertical stability for 75mm and 100mm Link Edge, and are suitable for areas which experience heavy traffic or border heavy, compacted...