Cement & Concrete

Cement Australia has developed a range of high quality cements, cement blends, just add water mixes and sands that are specifically designed for your applications. This range is continually developed and optimised to ensure that it satisfies your project needs.

  • Concrete Mix 20Kg

    Concrete Mix 20Kg

    A blend of cement, aggregate and sand, designed for use in projects where a quality concrete is required. Ideal for garden edges, mower strips, paths, garden slabs, foundations, footings, posts and uprights for pergolas and decks. A quality blend of...

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  • Gap Sand 20kg

    Gap Sand 20kg

    Gap Sand is a special blend of graded fine sand and sand additives designed to lock into place all types of brick and block paving. Quick & easy to use. Forms a workable yet stable joint between pavers. Inhibits weed & insect infestation...

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  • General Purpose Grey Cement 20Kg

    General Purpose Grey Cement 20Kg

    General Purpose Cement is a Portland cement and fully complies with the requirements for Type GP cement in Australian Standard AS3972 – Portland and blended cementApplicationsConcreteGroutMortarRenderplus paving & general building uses...

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  • Mortar Mix 20Kg

    Mortar Mix 20Kg

    Mortar Mix is a carefully selected and proportioned blend of graded sand, cement and hydrated lime. Mortar Mix is suitable for the laying of bricks, masonry blocks and stonework. In addition, Mortar Mix is suitable for general-purpose mortar applications...

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  • Off-White Cement 20Kg

    Off-White Cement 20Kg

    Off White Cement is for use where a lighter colour finish is required. Off White Cement is a special purpose cement manufactured to comply with the Type HE requirements of Australian Standard AS3972. Suits oxide addition for a coloured finish but is also...

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  • Rapid Set 20Kg

    Rapid Set 20Kg

    Rapid Set concrete is manufactured using cement, sand and aggregates and is formulated to harden rapidly without mixing. This product is highly suitable for fixing fence and non-load bearing pergola posts, clothes hoists and many other non-structural...

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  • Sand & Cement 20Kg

    Sand & Cement 20Kg

    Sand & Cement is a carefully proportioned blend of graded sands and cement, designed for use as a general purpose mortar product. Sand & Cement can be used in certain handyman, landscaping and plumbing applications and is suitable for use with...

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