Bagged Soil & Potting Mix

We stock a wide range of bagged soils to suit all your needs. Whether it is filling pots, top dressing your lawn or levelling off a garden bed we have a mix to suit your needs.
As a guide, a mix marked potting mix should only be used in pots as it will dry out quickly when used in the ground and a garden mix should NOT be used in pots as it will not drain correctly.

  • 80/20 Underlay 15kg 20ltr

    80/20 Underlay 15kg 20ltr

    A sand & soil blend (80/20) suitable for establishing new turf. Underlay should be applied at least 50mm thick to ensure turf has a good volume of soil for roots to grow into. Ideal when existing soil is poor quality. Underlay should be levelled off...

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  • Cacti & Succulent Mix 25ltr 25ltr

    Cacti & Succulent Mix 25ltr 25ltr

    A selected formula to provide free drainage and fertilise for up to 9 months. Benefits- This mix contains sufficient fertilisers for up to 9 months of plant growth. - Contains Controlled Release Fertiliser. - Contains Complete Plant Food. - Contains...

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  • Camellia & Azalea Mix 30ltr

    Camellia & Azalea Mix 30ltr

    Ideal for all acid loving plants in gardens & pots. Feeds plants for up to 5 months. Benefits- Excellent acidic mix suited for Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias, Daphne, Ericas, Rhododendrons, Philodendrons and all acid loving plants.. - Certified...

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  • Cymbidium & Bromeliad Orchid Mix 30ltr

    Cymbidium & Bromeliad Orchid Mix 30ltr

    Ideal for all types of Cymbidiums and Bromeliads and similar plants that need free loose drainage. Fertilises for 4 months for healthy plants. Benefits- Certified AS 3743 for orchid mix. - Contains slow release fertiliser. - Contains Penetraide®...

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  • Fruit, Citrus and Rose Mix 30ltr

    Fruit, Citrus and Rose Mix 30ltr

    A superior formula for growing brilliant roses, flowers & fruit trees in pots & gardens.Searles Fruit, Citrus & Rose mix is a low-density soil, containing high quality composted organic and natural components, 5IN1® Organic Plant Food,...

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  • Herb and Veggie Mix 30ltr

    Herb and Veggie Mix 30ltr

    Searles Herb & Vegetable Potting Mix is specially formulated for growing many types of herbs and vegetables. The Premium Organic Compost adds that necessary organic enrichment, nutrients and nutrient storage capacity, while the Peat Moss,...

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  • Lawn Top Dressing 30ltr

    Lawn Top Dressing 30ltr

    Martins Lawn Top Dressing may be used for a seed bed, for a new lawn, repairing worn or damaged areas and to enhance and enrich existing lawns. Revitalises, feeds, develops and improves soil structure. Also suitable for use as a seed raising mix. Martins...

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  • Native Planting Mix 30ltr

    Native Planting Mix 30ltr

    Martins Native Planting Mix is suitable for growing natives and low phosphorous tolerant plants. It may be used in pots as a potting mix or in the ground as a planting mix. Martins Native Planting Mix is low phosphorus and is a free draining mix...

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  • Organic Potting Mix 30ltr

    Organic Potting Mix 30ltr

    Registered fully organic & natural potting mix for all pots & container planting.This premium blend of organic and natural ingredients is designed for sustainable and organic growing of potted plants. This mix has excellent water retention...

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