Fire Lighting

Fire lighting accessories and kindling to get your wood fire burning faster and hotter.


  • Bellows 38Cm Long

    Bellows 38Cm Long

    Fire Bellows used to fan your flames to give them even and consistent air when lighting the fire. Steel tip with a timber construction with a leather air pouch.

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  • Firewood Kindling

    Firewood Kindling

    Bag of kindling useful to get fires started as larger logs are harder to start without kindling. Sold in a handy bag making them easy to use and move. 1 - 2 bags will be enough for approximately 1/2 a tonnes worth of firewood.

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  • Matches 9Cm

    Matches 9Cm

    SAMBA extra long 90mm matches are ideal for lighting barbecues and when you need a match with extra length.

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  • Premium Heat Resistant Gloves

    Premium Heat Resistant Gloves

    SAMBA heat resistant fire gloves are ideal for handling logs or coal on the fire and are great for barbecues or wood stoves. They are extra long to protect your arm and hand and are soft and pliable for easy grip. They are a comfortable fit with rugged...

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  • Samba Butane Light Gas Refil 3

    Samba Butane Light Gas Refil 3

    SAMBA Butane lighter gas is the convenient way to refill your gas lighters. This premium quality gas has been ultra-refined for maximum care and performance to ensure premium quality. Multiple heads, suits most butane lighters.

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  • Samba Firelighter 36 Pack

    Samba Firelighter 36 Pack

    SAMBA Firelighters have been specially formulated to give you a quick and easy start to your fire and are ideally suited for barbecues, coal fires, wood fires, incinerators and camp fires. They are compact and easy to store.

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  • Samba Gas Lighter - Premium

    Samba Gas Lighter - Premium

    SAMBA's Premium Gas Lighter is long lasting, safe, easy to use and have a child resistant lock. A window lets you see how much gas is left and they also feature a flame adjusting lever that lets you control the flame. At 275mm they are great for reaching...

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  • Samba Wooden Firelighter 100 T

    Samba Wooden Firelighter 100 T

    A convenient canister containing 100 natural firelighter cubes. SAMBA Natural Firelighters are made from recycled wood and wax. The natural blend will give you a quick and easy start to your fire and are ideally suited for barbecues, coal fires, wood...

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